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Find Out More About Fu in the DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 DLC Trailer!

We first met the enigmatic Fu in the extra missions of the Extra DLC Pack 2, where this curious traveller got up to some mischief. Now it seems that mischief has grown into a full-out cataclysm as the past and future are both torn asunder to sate the curiosity of a new mind!


An experimental mutant created by Dabura using the cells of both Towa and Mira, Fu was supposed to gain power by altering historical events. With this power, Dabura aimed to recreate the Demon Realm! Things didn't quite go as planned, as Fu decided there was much more to see and many more variables to tweak... neither good nor evil, how will this child-like mind bend the fabric of the universe?

The first part of the newest saga in DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2, the Future Saga is out now, featuring five new characters, 12 Parallel Quests, 15 skills, new loading screens,  costumes, and Super Souls!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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