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For Honor Gets a Crossover Event with Dead by Daylight

For Honor is celebrating the spooky season with a crossover with the game Dead by Daylight, with a brand new game mode.

"Survivors of the Fog" is the name of the limited-time crossover, that brings with it a new 4v4 PvP game mode named "Survivors" that takes place in a spooky environment based in the Dead by Daylight universe. The minions of the game will be replaced with the Trapper, who will be roaming around the map looking to prey on the heroes.

The event will feature a Free Event Pass, which will allow players to gain access to a ton of rewards such as a new battle outfit, an effect and an ornament. Along with the free event pass rewards, players will also have access to Dead by Daylight themed executions, outfits and even an exclusive signature.

The event began on the 21st of October and will last until the 11th of November, so there's still time to complete the entire event pass and enjoy the limited-time game mode.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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