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Frontier Push Back Features From Final Beyond Update

Frontier Push Back Features From Final Beyond Update

Hot on the release of Beyond - Chapter 3, Frontier have posted a community update detailing how they are shuffling priorities as they head into Chapter Four of their series of Beyond updates for Elite Dangerous: Horizons and what is to come after.

Zac Antonaci, Head of Communications posted a long update on the official forums informing the community that Frontier are ramping up from pre-production to full production on the "next major milestone of Elite development" with no further details regarding what that will be except that it will be paid content.

The knock-on effect of this announcement is that content priorities have changed because of what this next era of Elite: Dangerous is. Casualties from the Chapter Four update are the ice planet overhaul they hinted at during Lavecon, the new visuals and technology that would allow more complicated terrain has been pushed back, and the long awaited Fleet Carriers for the Squadrons feature.

Squadrons are intended to be Elite Dangerous: Horizons's equivalent to a clan or guild with the Fleet Carriers acting like a guild hall or base of operations. Squadrons are still coming but without the Fleet Carrier functionality.

Chapter Four will also still contain underlying improvements to exploration and mining along with overall visual improvements and the addition of the in-game Codex feature.

Are you disappointed with how two major features intended to round out the year have been pushed back or would you rather they take the time they need? Let us know in the comments below.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown

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