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Frozenbyte Announce Starbase

The latest space-based game to enter Early Access appears to be Frozenbyte's Starbase. Seeing you play as a robot in a galaxy-sized sandbox filled with other players, it boasts fully destructible environment, as well as buildable and repairable everything. 

Build a ship and fly around trading, or construct a battleship to take conquering, Frozenbyte will be giving players the tools to do things their way. From simple ships to station-sized automated factories, there is a lot to see and do.

Starbase is our dream come true, a universe where almost anything is possible. You can build and design spaceships, team up with other pioneers or launch into the unknown with a curious mind to conquer space any way you want! Starbase is full of possibilities and players are free to explore and take part in shaping the universe. We’ve been working on the game in secret for years, and now we are finally ready to unveil the game and to start the incredible journey with the players. This is only a small glimpse of Starbase, and we can’t wait to show more in Early Access and beyond!

- Lauri Hyvärinen, CEO, Frozenbyte

Check out the trailer above for a better description. Starbase is coming to Early Access later this year.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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