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Fuel Rats Rescue 20 Thousand Pilots in Elite: Dangerous

Fuel Rats Rescue 20 Thousand Pilots in Elite: Dangerous

It was only October 2015 when the Fuel Rats were thrilled to have rescued 2000 other players in Elite: Dangerous. Fast-forward 15 months and that total has risen to a staggering 20,000!

fuel rats 20k

For those who aren't aware, the Fuel Rats are a player group who help those who have run out of fuel while flying around the galaxy. They have had to make some big jumps, and open a faction for Xbox One players, but thanks to their efforts literally tens of thousands of commanders have been able to keep their money - often millions of credits per person.

No doubt they are in talks to get a PlayStation 4 group together later this year, when Elite: Dangerous launches on PS4 later this year.

If you find yourself flying around without fuel (especially if you're trying to get scanned by the alien ships!) then follow these directions whilst heading to the Fuel Rats website:

fuel shortage procedure warning placard2

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Andrew Duncan


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