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Future Metro Games Will Come to PC

Future Metro Games Will Come to PC

With the recent controversy about Metro Exodus being removed from sale on Steam, to be an Epic Game Store exclusive for 12 months, obviously tempers are frayed. Although the decision was made by publisher Deep Silver's owner Koch Media, it hasn't stopped people from taking aim at series developer 4A Games.

It was reported on several sites about a member of the 4A Games team posting on a Russian-language forum about how future titles would not be released on PC, if the Epic Game Store release was boycotted. Obviously, this wasn't an official statement by the studio, and the game's official Twitter account has tweeted the following:


It confirms that the Metro franchise won't end with Metro Exodus, as well as confirming that future titles will be coming to PC. So please stop review bombing decent titles on Steam.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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