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Game Changes Coming Alongside Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

Game Changes Coming Alongside Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

With Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris almost here it is time to take note of some of the changes that are coming to the game alongside the expansions release. 

Alongside the release of Curse of Osiris Bungie are dropping the December Update which will see a number of changes to the game that should improve the experience. The update is coming in two parts and the changes coming in the first part on 5th December are as follows: 

  • The Heroic Strikes playlist is making a return with more generous Strike rewards
  • Armor Ornaments will be added to some existing Armor sets for more visual customization without losing your Shaders or Mods
    • These ornaments will be unlocked by completing objectives specific to each set, and are permanently unlocked account-wide, just like Exotic Weapon ornaments
    • They will be applied to the base pieces that you may already have collected, and can now unlock on Vendors if not
    • In Season 2, the following sets have ornaments unlocked in their respective activities:
      • Vanguard Faction Armor
      • Crucible Faction Armor
      • Trials of the Nine Armor
      • Iron Banner Armor
      • Dead Orbit Armor
      • Future War Cult Armor
      • New Monarchy Armor
      • Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Armor
  • Banshee has some updates on the Weapon and Armor Mod front:
    • For players wanting to clear some Mod inventory space, Rare quality Mods will dismantle into Gunsmith Materials and have a chance to produce Legendary quality Mod Components
    • For players chasing specific Legendary Mods (including Legendary Kinetic Mods), Banshee will offer a selection of specific Legendary Mods for direct purchase, with a selection that will rotate daily and cost Legendary Shards and Mod Components
  • For players chasing a world Legendary or looking for Masterworks, Master Rahool will sell some of his rumored hoard of Legendary Engrams for Legendary Shards
  • Changes affecting Reputation Tokens:
    • Daily Challenges will have Reputation Token awards increased across the board
    • Cayde’s Treasure Chests still offer variable rewards, but now guarantee (at minimum) a payout of destination appropriate Reputation Tokens
    • Strikes will drop a larger number of Vanguard Reputation Tokens
    • Common quality Destination Resource Tokens will have their drop rates increased to 100%, and values per Token increased as well (by 50% for common quality Tokens and 250% for rare quality Tokens)
    • On the balance, Reputation required per Reward Engram will increase for Destination Factions (+37%) and Gunsmith (+50%)
    • Leviathan Raid Tokens will be redeemed at Benedict immediately upon obtaining a Token, instead of requiring a full clear before unlocking

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris will also allow players to pre-load on the day of release at 8am PST (4pm GMT) and then play two hours later at 10am PST (6pm GMT). The size of the pre-load download is different depending on each platform so make sure you have some hard drive space clear. 

  • PlayStation 4: 88GB
  • Xbox One: 44GB
  • PC: 68GB

In other Destiny 2 related news a short trailer was released showing off some of the new armor and weapons coming in the expansion. There is also a free trial now avaiable for the game as well. 

Destiny 2 is available now and Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is releasing on 5th December for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

Nikholai Koolonavich

Nikholai Koolonavich

Staff Writer

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Tnekarma1289 - 02:43pm, 4th December 2017

Wow that's a big install for ps4 :o

NikholaiChan - 03:45pm, 4th December 2017 Author

Hopefully it means a lot of content.

Tnekarma1289 - 03:48pm, 4th December 2017

I hope so, but I'm not sure because xbox's uodate is tiny. Why is ps4 double the size of Xbox lol

NikholaiChan - 04:16pm, 4th December 2017 Author

Remember that PlayStation have the exclusive with this. That extra size is likely a whole strike/mission more, plus some lot, than the Xbox and PC version. Maybe? 

Tnekarma1289 - 04:17pm, 4th December 2017

Probably yeah, I can't wait to play it tomorrow.