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GameGrin's Game of the Year 2017

GameGrin's Game of the Year 2017

In a change from last year, we decided that the worst and best games were a little limiting, so we expanded it to a ton of categories!

A few weeks ago our GrinCast podcasters discussed and decided upon the most disappointing games of 2017, as well as the best games! First, they covered the Old Game of The Year, Best New Character, Best Story, Best Multiplayer and Best Visuals.
Best Audio. Next, they covered Best Studio, Best Indie, Best Debut, Biggest Surprise and Biggest Disappointment.

You can also find the final deliberation on the 'Game of the Year' 128th episode, which can be found here.

The prizes are, from left to right, Gold, Silver and Bronze. You can also click on each award to find out more about each title.

Worst Game

WorstGame FinalFantasyXVANewEmpire GoldWorstGame CrimsonEarth SilverWorstGame GingerRoll Bronze

4. Beastiarium
5. Bloody Boobs

Old Game of The Year

OldGameofTheYear RocketLeague GoldOldGameofTheYear Hitman SilverOldGameofTheYear CrusaderKings2 Bronze

Best New Character

BestNewCharacter Cuphead Gold2BestNewCharacter HatGirl Silver2BestNewCharacter Six Bronze2

Best Story

BestStory EdithFinch GoldBestStory NieRAutomata SilverBestStory Persona5 Bronze

Best Audio

BestAudio LittleNightmares GoldBestAudio NieRAutomata SilverBestAudio Prey Bronze

Best Multiplayer

BestMultiplayer GhostReconWildlands GoldBestMultiplayer MarioKart8Deluxe SilverBestMultiplayer Destiny2 Bronze

Best Visuals

BestVisual Persona5 GoldBestVisual Cuphead SilverBestVisual ZeldaBOTW Bronze

Best Studio

BestStudio Arkane GoldBestStudio MachineGames SilverBestStudio Nintendo Bronze

Best Debut

BestDebut Cuphead GoldBestDebut AHatInTime SilverBestDebut SonicMania Silver

Biggest Surprise

BiggestSurprise HellbladeSenuasSacrifice GoldBiggestSurprise Mario+Rabbids SilverBiggestSurprise SquareSellIO Bronze

GrinCast Biggest Disappointment

GrinCastBiggestDis StarWarsBattlefrontII GoldGrinCastBiggestDis MiddleEarthShadowOfWar SilverGrinCastBiggestDis MassEffectAndromedaI Bronze

Best Indie

BestIndie Cuphead GoldBestIndie AHatInTime SilverBestIndie DivinityOriginalSin2 SilverBestIndie RivalsOfAether BronzeBestIndie Thimbleweed Bronze

And now what you've all been waiting for:

GrinCast GOTY

GrinCastGOTY DivinityOriginalSin2 Gold2GrinCastGOTY SuperMarioOdyssey Silver2GrinCastGOTY Cuphead Bronze2
4. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
5. A Hat in Time
6. Persona 5
8. Sonic Mania
9. NieR: Automata
10. Thimbleweed Park

Game of the Year
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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