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GameGrin's Weekly Round-Up #4 - ZX Spectrum Vega+, Hearthstone and Dropmix

Welcome to GameGrin’s weekly round-up with TGK. A selection of the biggest news stories from the world of videogames.

This week there's news that the Hearthstone packs are going up, the ZX Spectrum faces problems in 2017 and Harmonix are looking to bring back the music game genre once again.

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James Bralant

James Bralant

Staff Writer

James spends his time playing almost anything. Talents include: having a socially-awkward hair colour and getting far too angry after losing

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Acelister - 09:10am, 13th March 2017

Was the mic stand like that in case of a dodgy advert?

TGK - 09:43am, 13th March 2017 Author

By saying that you are implying I take time to work out the shot. You flatter me!

dominoid - 09:54am, 13th March 2017

Hearthstone packs are going up in the UK? Bloody Brexit ruining everything.

TGK - 09:59am, 13th March 2017 Author

Fun fact: I skipped this section of my script when recording (accidently):

"It's easy to blame Britain's impending exit from the European Union and Blizzard's Community Manager stated that they frequently look at pricing around the world and adjust them to suit particular countries market conditions."