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Get A Taste For Power In The New Necromancer Gameplay Trailer!

Careers in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 have always been a way to revamp a familiar character and get a new way to play. Never has this been more the case with the last and possibly final career to be added, the Bright Wizard Sienna´s Necromancer. Wield the power of the undead, steal the souls of your enemies, and look dang spooky with a scythe in hand while you do it!

Rising the dead is the first thing to come to mind whenever the term Necromancer is brought up, which is fitting as Sienna will gain the aid of a courageous calcium cohort with the new career. Maintaining a posse of up to six undead, Sienna commands them to either attack, defend, or release, allowing for some strategy in their usage. In addition to her bony buddies, Sienna is granted the use of her first-ever two-handed weapon, the scythe! Cleave your way to victory with this dangerous implement.

If the front lines are not your speed, equip the Soulstealer Staff to aid your graveyard groupies from a distance. The combination of your new skeletal scourge, the new weapons, and a whole tree of skills and benefits, the Necromancer is looking to be a terror to behold.

The Necromancer career will be available for Warhammer: Vermintide II on 19th October for all platforms.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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