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Get Ready to Face the First Raid Boss in Pocketpair's Upcoming First Raid Battle for Palworld

2024's surprise hit that shook the videogame industry at its core, Palworld, is getting its first raid battle coming to its world! As the first major update to come to the title since it saw massive success upon release on the 19th of January 2024, you'll finally be able to find a new pal to put to work and the first Raid Battle coming to the world.

This new update brings the first pal to join the world since its release, and it comes as a much-needed content update after many weeks composed of updates, balance changes, and anti-cheat inclusions. Pocketpair previously promised the release of Raid Battles coming to Palworld, which would be epic battles where players would have to team up with others in order to defeat massive bosses as a team, and Bellanoir is the very first raid boss to join the fray.

The preview comes from the video uploaded in the official Pocketpair YouTube channel, teasing Bellanoir's appearance and ending with "Coming soon...", meaning we don't really know when this update will be arriving. In fact, we don't really know much more about Bellanoir aside from the fact that it seems to be a gigantic, possibly ghost-like and goth-looking pal.

PalnewsPalworld Update Raid Battle 1Pocketpair 0 29 screenshot

Reception for Bellanoir and the raid boss has been met with equal parts positivity, negativity, scepticism, and memeing, which encompasses the Palworld community as a whole. Many are excited for the upcoming pal and for more content updates, whilst others are hoping for better optimisation. Finally, you have the typical members that you'd find in both YouTube comments and Steam discussions (particularly Jester-award farmers). Regardless, the successful open-world survival craft has seen better days in terms of concurrent players. Yet, it still smashes over 100,000 players daily, with an increased peak and growing interest once more after the trailer aired, seeing a 28% increase in concurrent players and continuing to see returning players for a title that's been experiencing a continuous downward trend since its massive success.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to experience the industry-shaking Palworld! Get a head start and prepare for the first-ever raid boss to receive, and stay tuned for more information regarding its release at a later time.

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Artura Dawn

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