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Get the Lowdown on The Endless Mission - Hitting Early Access Next Week

E-Line Media and Endless Studios are collaborating to create The Endless Mission, an ambitious fusion of Game creation suites and sandbox games with fantasy/adventure stories. The team has taken inspiration from decades of creation games, from Mario Maker to Minecraft; Garry’s Mod to LittleBig Planet, as well as the countless titles which have been invigorated by modding communities.

With a narrative that sees players taking control of anthropomorphic cat, Capitán BlackClaw, they’ll peek under the bonnet of game development while embarking on an adventure to face a looming threat. Writers Christian Cantamessa and Richard Elliot are contributing to this title’s script and story, in the past they’ve worked with companies like Rockstar, BBC, Cartoon Network and Skybound on a variety of projects. Needless to say, the narrative is a significant focus of The Endless Mission; it’s more than a set of game creation tools.

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An impressive cast of actors has also been brought aboard to bring the game’s characters to life. The voice cast includes: Laura Bailey (Gears 5, Fire Emblem), Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect), Alix Wilton Regan (Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age) and Courtenay Taylor (Fallout: New Vegas, Titanfall 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic).

As well as playing through the story, The Endless Mission gives players access to a fully-featured creation suite, based off the Unity Engine. They can tweak, hack and customise anything in the game as well as create games of their own, all while seeing the results of their work in real time. The creation tools themselves can be customised to be as complex as the player desires. Game coding novices can access a simplified, user-friendly version of the suite, while experienced creators can tear off those training wheels and access the full creation engine. As mentioned, the full engine has been intentionally modelled after Unity, so that mastery of The Endless Mission’s tools will lead to familiarity with the popular game engine.

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Given that The Endless Mission will release under Steam Early Access, it won’t be feature-complete on the 14th November. By the time it leaves Early Access (Expected 2021), players should have access to an expanded narrative; full cooperative and multiplayer options; an even wider array of creative tools with many genres to operate within; and an increased number of assets. Make no mistake however, even in its early state there’ll be plenty for players to sink their teeth into. A sizeable portion of the adventure mode, the ability to create within the platformer and RTS genre templates and an in-game content portal in which players can play other’s creations and share their own.

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The community is of utmost importance to E-Line Media. The developer plans to host weekly, themed creation challenges; stay in touch with the community’s opinion regarding changes and additions to the game; and regularly update players via the dev blog. Without its community, a game like The Endless Mission can’t flourish, and E-Line Media hopes to prove that they understand this.

The Endless Mission will release on Steam Early Access for $14.99/£11.39 on 14th November.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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