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GOG Introduces User Profiles

GOG Introduces User Profiles

GOG has introduced user profiles to allow people to see what their friends are up to in their gaming lives. 

The user profiles allow people to see what their friends on GOG are playing, achieving and sharing.

The new feature includes four sections - Feed, Profile, Games and Friends. 


The Feed allows users to see which games their friends have been playing, what achievements and milestones they've hit, as well as general thoughts, screenshots and forum activity. 

The Profile acts as a summary of a user's activity and includes details such as the time spent in games and latest achievements. It also gives users a look at what their most active friends have been up to.

The Games tab contains a list of all the games users own on GOG, as well as stats such as time spent in-game and progress towards achievements. 

Lastly, the Friends section includes a general summary of their achievements and hours played. Users can also see which games are the most popular among their friends.

User profiles can be customised with a range of options such as wallpaper from users' game collections. 

Reece Armstrong

Reece Armstrong

Senior Staff Writer

Just a musician and geek all rolled into one who spends his days watching sandcastles melt into the sea

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