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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Now Available For iOS

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Now Available For iOS

Rockstar Games have announced that, as they promised, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has come to iOS. Now iPod, iPad, and iPhone owners can throw $6.99 at Rockstar and live out those neon pink electric dreams. 

With High resolution graphics, dynamic shadows, real time reflections, controller support, dual analogue sticks and cloud saves this could be the nirvana mobile gamers have been looking for.

It will be interesting to see the comparison between the iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Phone versions when they are released later this month.

Chris Wootton

Chris Wootton

Staff Writer

Vendor of anecdotes and drinker of coffee "Mr Woot" currently resides in the South West. He tends towards the sesquipedalian.

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john - 09:22pm, 7th May 2021

nice effortt.