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GTA VI Rumours Concerning Possible Release Date and Content

GTA VI Rumours Concerning Possible Release Date and Content

Tom Henderson has become a notable insider for the gaming industry as of late, following his predictions for the upcoming Battlefield game that were proven to be almost entirely correct come the reveal trailer at E3. Henderson has recently turned his sights on Grand Theft Auto VI, with a video making various claims about when to expect the title, and what to expect from it.

With almost a decade since the last release in the franchise and very little information from Rockstar regarding another entry to the series exists outside of ‘it’s happening we swear’, everything is hearsay and rumours. However, Henderson’s claims for the supposed GTA VI hold some more weight not just because of his previous leaks, but also because renowned Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier claimed in a Tweet that ‘Everything Tom Henderson has said about the game matches up with what I've heard.’ Additionally, Video Games Chronicle claimed that their own sources match up with what Henderson and Schreier have said.

In Henderson’s video, he covered a variety of claims that he’s heard, mostly related to some of the content we might be able to expect from the game. Remember this is just leaks and rumours, so take anything said with a pinch of salt.

Henderson claimed that GTA VI would have a 1980’s aesthetic to it, placing the players into the shoes of multiple characters again, much like Grand Theft Auto V, into a remastered Vice City set in modern day. The rumours claim one of these characters will be the first female protagonist in a GTA game, but sources say that she will be the brains of the group, specialising in hacking and technology, which will be invaluable in a modern-day criminal setting. Another reason Henderson believes the game is set in modern day (as opposed to setting it in the 80s as well) to integrate it with GTA Online and have more freedom when it comes to DLCs. These DLCs and updates would change the map around the players in a way similar to other live service games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Henderson’s release date prediction places Grand Theft Auto VI launching on Windows and current-gen consoles (PlayStation 5/Xbox X|S) around 2024/2025, his main reasoning behind this being that GTA VI is going to be a vast game, given the success of the previous entry, so herculean efforts are going to be made to topple that. On another commendable note for Rockstar, he points to the team’s concern over employee well-being, especially in our current environment, to avoid the harsh hours game designers have to put in when given a time constraint. History has shown us time and time again that rushing a game helps no one, and Rockstar are taking important steps to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Obviously, this is just rumours at the end of the day, and as Rockstar haven’t officially come forward with anything, this is all that we have to go on at the moment. But with so many big names in the industry corroborating with what Henderson has said, it seems there may be some truth in what he has found.

You can watch the video below:

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