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H1Z1 Patch Coming Monday & Refund Reminder

Hitting up reddit, Smedley has posted what to expect when the team whacks up a patch for H1Z1.

1) Floating Arrows - yeah they are annoying as heck. 2) Further analysis and improvements for server frame rate 3) Buffing shelter doors. 4) Sorting servers by population 5) Properly refreshing server list. (also thinking about a button for it)
This is meant to be kind of a starter list. The team is off today. The game is stable and the team needs a breather. Tomorrow is a holiday for SOE but we're going to be in here anyways because we want to address these issues. Please add any immediate fix stuff here and we'll try and get it in. Again, your help with self policing threads and getting a positive community going is requested. We're only trying to focus on the stuff we all feel is important. Please help us with focusing on what we need to.

He has also assured players via Twitter that more European servers are incoming probably between Tuesday and Thursday. If not sooner.

And we'd like to make sure unsatisfied players are aware of the refund they can get for whatever reason, so long as they do so before 10:30 PST Monday 19th Jan.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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