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Halloween Is Haunting The Space Rig Yet Again!

Halloween Is Haunting The Space Rig Yet Again!

The Halloween spirit has overtaken both the Space Rig and the miners of Deep Rock Galactic in this year's iteration of Hoxxes Halloween! 

First things first, there's a new cosmetic to collect! Earn the new Mad Cap Clown mask and make yourself the nightmare of your friends and foes alike! You can also get all of the cosmetics of previous years by completing the Last Year's Horrors assignment, so get drilling miners! Keep an eye out for shrieking skulls while on the job, as these boneheads will net you double points! Finally, enjoy the mandated Halloween decorations on the Rig. Kick some pumpkins, get a brew, and look out for bats!

The event is live now and will run up until 9th November, so get your spooks while they're dreadful!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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