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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Welcomes You Back To Hogwarts For Year Five

Jam City would like to welcome you back to Hogwarts as it launches the fifth year content for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery just in time for the beginning of the "muggle world" school year. Year Five promises to be the most rigorous year of studies yet, with two new classes opening up to players in Defence Against The Dark Arts and History of Magic, and a host of new locations - including the decidedly dodgy Knockturn Alley. Some more familiar faces will appear in this new content, including more Weasleys!

The fifth year at Hogwarts also opens up the ability to become a prefect, if the players successfully completed that quest in year four. This grants the player the cosmetic prefect badge and access to the prefect's bathroom, as well as introduce new additional responsibilities. All fifth year students, prefects or not, will have to prepare for the biggest test yet though as the Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.Ls) exams are looming as the end point for this year.

Executive Producer at Jam City. Amanda Heaton, explains "Year 5 is a pivotal year for any student at Hogwarts, with the O.W.L. exams looming, new professors to navigate, and for some, a prefect badge on their robes. We wanted to reflect the rigors of this year in the mobile game, balanced of course, with the core extra-curricular activity at Hogwarts: unraveling mysterious with your school mates. Year 5 brings the most robust year of content yet to the game, and we’re excited for players to start this new chapter."


The Fifth Year Content update for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is available now on Android and iOS. You can read our review of Hogwarts Mystery here, and hear about the continuing adventures of our reviewer on our weekly podcast.


Jinny Wilkin

Jinny Wilkin

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