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Hit the Road in Brand New Immersive Driving Game, Heading Out

Indie developer Serious Sim and Saber Interactive have joined forces to bring us Heading Out, a stylistic and immersive driving title. As an added bonus, the two companies have also announced the game is due for release on 7th of May, 2024.

Inspired by cult classics such as Thelma & Louise and Vanishing PointHeading Out is a narrative adventure with Roguelite elements that sees you and your car hit the open roads of America. This isn't a family road trip, though, as your journey will be fraught with danger, high-speed pursuits, and a cast of colourful characters to meet along the way.

Plan each journey meticulously, plotting out your course through the map, or let fate take the wheel and see what adventures await! Every decision shapes the road ahead, with many stories to come across along the way. You may even find yourself on the wrong side of the law!

Fuel up and put the pedal to the metal, as Heading Out is releasing on 7th of May 2024, for PC via Steam.

Mike Crewe

Mike Crewe

Staff Writer

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Acelister - 08:21am, 1st March 2024

Very Sin City-esque use of colour