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Hitman Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" is Available Until Jan. 22nd

Hitman Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" is Available Until Jan. 22nd

Hitman developer IO Interactive is currently re-rolling their roster of elusive targets. The fourth target, The Sensation can be found wandering the gardens of Paris for the rest of this week until the 22nd.

In Hitman's elusive target missions, you only get a single chance to assassinate a target. If you die, fail or complete the mission you will be unable to replay it. Successfully completing it may reward you with a cosmetic suit for Agent 47 to wear, depending on how many you have killed and what method you used.

If you didn't play The Sensation contract when it appeared last time, you'll be able to go in-game and try from now until the 22nd of January.

Olly Smith

Olly Smith

Staff Writer

Olly works hard to progress twenty minutes without a checkpoint only to fail on the home stretch.

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