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Hitman Ending With a Bang as Last Elusive Target Arrives

Hitman Ending With a Bang as Last Elusive Target Arrives

Thanks to the decoupling of Square and IO Interactive, it looks like content for the latest Hitman might be coming to a close after all. the 26th and final Elusive Target is coming to the game on Friday the 14th of July. Mr Giggles will be the final target to be taken out, and he'll be in game for a short time as with all the Elusive targets.

f this is the first Elusive Target contract you complete in Marrakesh, you'll earn the Summer Suit with Gloves for Agent 47. You will also earn the Terminus Suit if this is the first Elusive Target contract that you complete with the 'Silent Assassin' rating. Earning the 'Silent Assassin' rating will also count towards your progress for unlocking the Winter Suit. At this point, you'll need to have already earned 4 Silent Assassin ratings from the previous 12 ET's before starting The Entertainer to be able to unlock the prestigious Winter Suit via Elusive Targets. There are more notes about Elusive Target Rewards below.


The mission is called "The Entertainer" and will be available for ten days. Like the other targets before, if you die, fail or otherwise don't manage to meet every objective, then you'll never have another chance to get those elusive suits. And this time, it really is never again.


Gary "Dombalurina" Sheppard

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