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House Party Inches Towards Release

House Party has been updated to version 0.9.6 by developer Eek! Games.

Billed as mostly a technical/bug-fix update, House Party is getting closer and closer to officially launching.  Created in the same vein as such games as Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island, House Party is a full-3D first-person game with branching story affected by the decisions taken by the player. You can check out our preview from several versions ago, here.

Full patch notes are listed below.


  • Added new main menu
  • Updated loading screen
  • Added hints to the loading screen
  • Added new interactions with Patrick
  • Added new lines to Amy and Rachael after finishing their stories
  • Added new garden light models
  • Added 10+ lines of new dialogue to Patrick
  • Added 3 new lines of new dialogue to Rachael
  • Added 4 new lines of dialogue to Amy
  • Patrick will now accept (or reject) every form of alcohol around the house
  • Removed Kitchen Table for better player navigation and NPC pathing
  • Added party lights model
  • Added wine rack model
  • Added painting easel model
  • Added painting stool model
  • Added painting tarp model
  • Added painting canvases model
  • Added creepy owl painting model
  • Grass Improvements
  • Changed Spare Room ceiling lamp color (no more rainbow)
  • Changed all character skin tones to fit the lighting and match each other
  • Added Gut Grip model
  • Added Motor Oil model
  • Added new garden light models
  • Added garage divider model
  • Added new Patrick voice acting lines
  • Added new Rachael voice acting lines
  • Added new Amy voice acting lines
  • Updated and Enhanced Katherine’s model
  • Upgraded Character Textures to 4k
  • Standardized brightness of all character models
  • Improved Ragdoll physics
  • Fixed an issue with characters ending up in weird places on loaded games
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could end up outside of the navigational area
  • Fixed an issue where saving and loading would sometimes not save ALL current NPC walking targets
  • Fixed an issue where characters’ skin would poke through clothes on the main menu
  • You can now hold Alt when starting the game to pull up the old splash launcher
  • Improved upon Ashley’s post conversation route where players were unable to interact with her
  • Improved upon Madison’s confrontation with Ashley after Humiliate Ashley
  • Improved upon Vickie’s foreplay where players were unable to interact with her
  • General typo cleanup
  • Fixed an issue where the game would unpause in the Graphics Menu
  • Re-mastered voice acting audio files
  • Fixed an issue where “Opportunity Missed” messages would not display if you didn’t already have the quest
  • A Vickie Vixen Valentine: Vickie is Still Somehow Getting Stuck in the
  • Master Bath Bathtub is fixed
  • A Vickie Vixen Valentine: Fixed an issue where Vickie would scold you if you didn’t go upstairs
  • Debug Log now logs console command events
  • Debug Log now saves to \DebugLogs instead of \Errors
  • Combat console command now accepts ‘all’ parameter for all subcommands
  • Whereis command added to console; will give location of a target character, their current move target, etc.
  • Miscellaneous cleanup of command console and debug log
  • Re-positioned light switches to a more logical height
  • Updated toilet model to a more natural curvature
  • Fixed an issue where some characters were overly shiny
  • Fixed a bug where Ashley and Amy could get stuck in the floor or furniture the spare room after sex
  • Fixed a bug where toggling the volumetric lighting could cause a mysterious unnatural fogginess
  • Fixed a bug where characters, after being knocked out, would wake up stuck in furniture or walls
  • Stopped Patrick from dancing in Date Night with Brittney
  • Added credits scene
  • Adjusted and polished lighting
  • Kitchen and garage graphical touch ups
  • Improved areas where light was leaking
  • Fixed an issue where the fire light wasn’t baking into the scene correctly
  • Adjusted Front Door textures
  • Optimized lightmapping (Shorter load times)
  • Added extra code to keep characters from getting stuck or being outside the playable/walkable area
  • Added some extra handling to prevent debug log crashes and inability to export
  • Added timestamps to the debug log
  • Shortened some console commands such as eventtriggers, modifyvalue, and displaygamemessage; reference the ‘help’ command for their replacements
Rob Kratz

Rob Kratz

News Writer

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