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House Party Launch & DLC Announcement

House Party Launch & DLC Announcement

House Party is officially leaving its Early Access label after five years of development. With the game's release comes the female protagonist, with which players can pursue all forms of relationships (homosexual, bisexual, and straight) for both protagonists!

Also announced with the game's release is the brand-new upcoming DLC centred around the new guest joining the party: Doja Cat. This expansive DLC storyline will feature a fully-voiced Doja Cat (acted by herself) and a new playlist that includes some of her favourites. Additionally, Eek! Games worked closely with Doja Cat to make her in-game persona as accurate to her as possible, including outfits and reactions. Now's the time to act with Doja Cat!

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Pop the champagne!

House Party will be out on the 15th of July. As for the DLC featuring Doja Cat, eager house guests will have to wait until fall of this year for more information!

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Artura Dawn

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