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House Party Releases Character Customisation Overhaul

House Party may have released a while ago — and Eek! Games is already working on Office Party — but that doesn't mean that the developer is done with the original just yet. Though the game has seen support over the course of 2023 with DLC updates with celebrity cameos like House Party - Doja Cat Expansion Pack and House Party - Detective Liz Katz in a Gritty Kitty Murder Mystery Expansion Pack, it's also had a couple of free ones including Halloween and Holiday packs.

Likely the most interesting and expansive of the bunch, however, is the newly released character customisation option alongside Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline (HDPR) that Eek! Games is using for the game's upcoming sequel, too. The latter adds enhanced character visuals, which works closely with the new character customisation that you can apply to both the player characters (female and male variants) alongside every character in House Party, core and DLC included.

In the character customisation menu, you can now change everything about the partygoers. Featured in Eek! Games' official YouTube channel, the "Customizer Overview Preview Video" shows off five minutes of the customisation; you can change anything from their skin tones (including a HEX selector, so you can make them strange, inhuman colours) to clothes. In total, there are XX options to choose from:

  • Skin tone
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Make up
  • Nails
  • Fun stuff
  • Patterns (128 options to choose from)
  • Decal

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You can change any character's top, bottom, underwear, undershirt, shoes, and accessories, including a custom decal that you can upload to the game. Changing their physical appearance also includes changing the size of their chest and butt, though this feature is not an option for the male partygoer's genitals.

This update is also compatible with DLC content; downloading the Halloween and Winter updates brings about new customisation options to their accessories as well. You can equip every partygoer with Ashley's Succubus clothing set, add a reindeer hat to everyone, or even give Liz Katz' kitty eats.

This update overhaul gives you control over any character's visuals in very extensive ways — paired with the console commands, it turns House Party into a sandbox experience. 

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