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Humble Mobile Noodlecake Bundle

Humble Mobile Noodlecake Bundle

Everyone likes cake and everyone trying to save money likes noodles - so Humble have teamed up with Noodlecake Studios to give a cheap way to obtain a bunch of Android titles! And of course, to support Child's Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

As with the last Humble Mobile Bundle, every purchase goes into a pot and when the pot reaches certain milestones it unlocks another title for those who purchase at the "Over the average" tier. 

For $1 you will get:

  • Super Stickman Golf 2 Premium - Play golf on courses that can span multiple tiers,
  • Pumped BMX 2 - Flip and do tricks on your BMX.
  • Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork - A comedy side-scrolling shooter-cum-platformer.
  • Polymer - If Tetris and a Rubiks Cube had an insane child, it would be Polymer.

More than the average - currently $6.48 - will also get you:

  • Mikey Boots - One-touch platformer with 42 levels
  • Tower Dwellers - Reclaim your lands with real-time unit combat and magic.
  • Devious Dungeon Premium - Action platformer with randomly chosen levels.
  • More to be announced next Monday

Pay $8 or more to also get

  • Wave Wave v2.0 - Fast-paced line-racing game. Comes with soundtrack.
  • Wayward Souls - An action-adventure game built for short bursts of gameplay.

The first unlockable title will be at $100k, and it will be:

  • Trainyard - A puzzle game where each train must reach its same-coloured station.

More will be unlocked at: $125k, $150k, $200k, $250k, $300k and $400k. Two of which are on Steam, one is DRM-free.

Just head over here and grab this bundle.

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Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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