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Humble Monthly Bundle for February

Humble Monthly Bundle for February

Those who were already subscribed will know this by now, but if you've not had the chance or desire, this month's games have been added to the Monthly Bundle! It features an exclusive game which isn't available anywhere else, as well as a demo of an Early Access title!

As usual, you get the whole lot for $12, with no tiers, soundtracks or physical extras. 5% of which will go towards charity. This month it's Action Against Hunger.

So, this month:

  • Can you overcome the nineteen bosses of Titan Souls?
  • Will you solve what binds the two protagonists of Broken Age?
  • Are you stealthy enough for Volume's hundred levels?
  • Can you avoid the death traps and become the Champion of Penarium?
  • Is Dropsy's plight truly hopeless?
  • Will you escape the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation?

As mentioned, you will also get a Humble Original in Elephant in the Room, where you must escape the house without being detected.

Also, the soon-to-be Early Access title Planetoid Pioneers has a demo just for subscribers, and is a 2D physics-based action-adventure with sandbox and survival elements.

Finally, filling out your month, is the early unlock for March's bundle, ARK: Survival Evolved the Early Access dinosaur-themed survival game.

If any of these have tickled your fancy, head over to the Humble Monthly Bundle page and subscribe! Remember, they are perfectly fine with you cancelling after you get your games.

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Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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