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Humble Weekly Platforming Bundle

Humble Weekly Platforming Bundle

This one is definitely the one for fans of the old left-to-right-jumpy gamers. Ninja's, Knights and Megabyte Punching from Pay What You Want to a maximum of Pay Whatever You Want.

Starting at $1 and up you get Shank 2BIT.TRIP.RUNNER and Blocks That Matter.

For just a fiver more at $6 you get Runner2Megabyte Punch and Fly'n.

If you want the full eight games, $10 or more grabs Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition and King Arthur's Gold.

Judging by our review of Megabyte Punch and our review of Runner2, you can afford the extra $4 to get a Ninja game too, right?

Hit the Humble Bundle site to grab this deal.

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