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Indie Horror Classic Kholat Receiving Switch Physical Release

Indie Horror Classic Kholat Receiving Switch Physical Release

Red Art Games, publishers of the indie classic horror game Kholat, announced that online pre-orders for physical versions of the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch. This will be a limited edition run with 3800 copies priced at €29.99/£27/$35. 

Narrated by British actor Sean Bean, the game claims to be one of the most terrifying experiences you will have in your life. Kholat is a horror adventure game created by indie Polish developers IMGN.PRO, inspired by the Dyatlov Pass Incident. You will be thrown into the Ural Mountains to discover what really happened to the nine Russian college students who went missing on Kholat Syakhl in 1959. The player has only minimal survival equipment like a compass, map and flashlight to face the cold and harsh winter conditions as you explore the various locations. The story is full of mystery and intrigue, and with secretive clues hints from the narrator, you will surely experience the feeling of being lost and hunted by ghostly figures. 

Kholat is one of the most popular indie horror games with over 3.5m users over the PC/Xbox One and PlayStation 4 where it was previously released so it is sure to scare up more fans on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to pre-order your physical copy before copies run out!

· Pre-Order Link www.redartgames.com -

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