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Infernal Shrines, a New Battleground for Heroes of the Storm

On top of Kharazim the Monk for the Eternal Conflict update, Heroes of the Storm is set to receive another map with the Diablo-themed battleground like Battlefield of Eternity, but with different map objectives.

IOQRUNODHOML1438711587248YSJYV10J4UUA1438711586955SU1SLXJIMAIL1438711586702Infernal Shrines will be a new three-laned battleground with three shrines, and teams can unleash this power by activating the shrine and defeating the guardians. This summons a powerful Punisher, which comes in three flavours - Arcane, Frozen or Mortar, and will help to push the lane closest to their shrine as well as hunt down enemy team heroes.

Now, that last bit about chasing enemy heroes would be interesting...

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