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Information and Overview Video for Punishing: Gray Raven’s Across the Ruined Sea

Just two months after celebrating its second anniversary, a major update has arrived for the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk-esque RPG Punishing: Gray Raven by Kuro Game. The new update, Across the Ruined Sea, includes new omniframes, coatings, events, and more!

Here are the three new events:

  • Cursed Waves: new roguelite gameplay where players unlock exciting new stories.
  • Exodus Memoria: multiple boss fights with five difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Guild Expedition — Dangerous Terrain: Command Bureau has been revamped and guilds can fight Shake-Speare to receive valuable rewards.

Newcomers to Punishing: Gray Raven will also enjoy the brand-new Bianca: Stigmata omniframe, which is perfect for beginners. Additionally, plenty of new coatings are available. You can even receive No.21’s new coating just by signing up within the first few days of the new update.

Punishing: Gray Raven is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. Make sure to check out our review for a more in-depth look at the game!

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Staff Writer

Alyssa is great at saving NPCs from dragons. Then she writes about it.

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