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It’s Time to Check Out Dead by Daylight’s Newest Tome

It’s Time to Check Out Dead by Daylight’s Newest Tome

Are you looking forward to trying out Dead by Daylight’s newest Tome? Find out everything there is to know about Tome 16: EXISTENCE, which will draw you deeper into the horrific world of End Transmission, the latest Chapter players can experience.

Tome 16: EXISTENCE continues a harrowing and compelling tale of space colonisation following the release of End Transmission. In Tome 16, you can follow HUX-A7-13, known as The Singularity. As The Singularity becomes sentience, it questions its purpose and resents being controlled by humans, whom it has deemed inferior.

You can also descend into the mind of Gabriel Soma and examine his memory discrepancies and how his memories may not be as it seems. You can progress through the Rift and Deep Rift to complete new Challenges and earn fresh sci-fi-inspired Cosmetics for some of your favourite characters.

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you get a new Tome, but with it, a host of new updates. For example, Dead by Daylight will include successful report feedback to help report players who haven’t complied with the game’s rules. With the successful report feedback, those reported will receive feedback messages regarding problematic behaviour, allowing you to understand what they have been reported for.

Map Updates

The Fractured Cowshed and the Rancid Abattoir Maps will also be reworked to adjust the tiles to create more balance for both the Killer and Survivors as they play on those Maps.

The Onryo Update

There will also be an update to The Onryo, who can project through televisions to attack Survivors. Due to The Onryo update, Survivors will need to think before taking a hit, as Sadako will be able to see which Survivors are holding a tape on the HUD while teleporting. Using this update, Killer mains will be able to decide whether they want to focus on hits or whether they want to teleport as much as they can to keep pressure on the whole map during the match.

The Scorching BBQ Event

Fans will also love to know The Scorching BBQ Event will be returning to The Entity’s Realm from the 3rd of August until the 17th of August. In this event, players can enjoy the likes of Margarita Generators and Grill Hooks, including smoking Outfits and Charms.

Many New Outfits

Last but not least, we have some new Outfits available. You’ll have access to the Nicolas Cage Essentials Collection, allowing you to recreate some of Cage’s iconic looks in Dead by Daylight. These include the Sunset Racer and Gorgon Drip Outfits, which you can now purchase in the in-game store.

You can also purchase Outfits from the Artists From The Fog Collection, which you can purchase from the 1st of August. These include the Flesh and Bones Outfit for The Twins, The Doll Collector Outfit for The Huntress, The Surprise Performance Outfit for Yun-Jin, and The Inspiration Seeker Outfit for Felix. All of these Outfits were created by the talented community of Dead by Daylight fans; you’ll even find some of Ikumi Nakamura’s designs included.

Finally, we have the Silent Hill Collection, which will allow Cheryl Mason to transform into Maria from Silent Hill 2 from the 15th of August.

You don't have to wait long if you want to find out more. Tome 16: EXISTENCE is now available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store, and Windows.

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