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Join the Two Point Campus Competition!

Join the Two Point Campus Competition!

If you've been feeling like your days have blurred into boredom, then maybe you'll be happy to be invited to a competition against your fellow Two Point Campus-ers! In order to celebrate leap year, the developer has come up with a clever way to get our creative juices flowing: a building competition that'll net you some merch and a physical copy of the game!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's talk a bit about what the game's about and what sort of pieces you can find here on GameGrin to further extend your knowledge of the game. The Two Point team is known for their hilarious management titles, having both Two Point Hospital and Two Point Campus; regardless of which one you choose, you'll be met with lighthearted comedy! If you'd like to know if it's accessible for management sim amateurs, learn some tips and tricks, or even read the review, you can check all of our pieces here!

two point campus

As for those who already know the game and just want the goodies, you'll want to get all the green items you have ready, as this whole competition is about honouring frogs! To enter, you'll first need to build a seasonal camp that shows off the adorable amphibians. Then, find a good angle to show off your work and snap a picture of your campus or an area of it (remember you can hide the UI in the Pause Menu!), and post it on social media with the tag #FroggyTPCampus! It's very important you don't forget that last step so that your entry can be found by the Two Point team. You have until Monday 26th of February 10am UTC to get your picture!

Once the deadline is reached, the most favourite entries will be put together in a neat list that the community will be able to vote for in the forums! To recap the social media, you can either hashtag #FroggyTPCampus in social media (X, Facebook, or Instagram) or send the picture in "?-tpc-competition-entries" on their Discord (which you can join through here).

Read all the terms and conditions here! And good luck to everyone who joins.

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Violet Plata

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