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Join Tripwire Interactive in Their New Behind-the-Scenes Video on Making a Monster

In this behind-the-scenes video from Tripwire Interactive, fans can get a closer look at the way Killing Floor 3's monsters are made. In this video, you'll find Bryan Wynia, the Creative Director at Tripwire Interactive, joined by Neil Huxley and Milan Nikolic as they explain the artistry that goes on to make the terrifying Zeds players fight against. 

You'll learn more about the design and the development of the iconic Fleshpound as they talk about their body horror influences. So, if you're curious to see what you're up against, don't hesitate to check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes look. 

If you're new to Killing Floor, here's a brief overview. See, Killing Floor 3 is the next instalment in the franchise, set 70 years after the events of Killing Floor 2. In 2091, Horzine, a megacorporation, produced the ultimate army of bio-engineered Zeds, and it's up to the rebel group, Nightfall to stand up to them and protect humanity. With up to five teammates joining you, you and your friends can wage war against your enemies in this co-op action horror FPS. 

Killing Floor 3 will be available on PlayStation 5, Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Xbox Series X|S. It was first announced at Gamescom 2023's Opening Night Live and is still being developed. Keep a lookout, and we'll keep you in the loop as we learn more. 

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