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Kickstarter Game of Note: XO

Kickstarter Game of Note: XO

I remember when early 80s to 90s sci-fi movies had a very specific image for future computer technology. This old aesthetic usually involved wire-frame fields and objects on computer screens. While we advanced way beyond such a idea it doesn't seem to have been forgotten.

Jumpdrive studios is bringing a retro look at a sci-fi future with XO, a strategy game that may very well become a quality experience.

You will play as a space captain in the last remaining ship of a war fleet. you will start out gunned and out resourced against your enemies. Whether to fight or flee will be up to the player as they journey through this world.

You will have a chance to rebuild a fleet to save the human race as well as bringing human kind back to glory in this universe. Not only do you have to deal with your enemies in battle but the growing crew you gather will also pose a challenge to you. Your leadership can either inspire loyalty in your crew or your leadership can inspire the crew to stab you from all sides.

This game also has a healthy dose of rouge-lite elements in the form of events to keep each run fresh. Do you save the freighter filled with food that can feed your crew for months, or save the damaged ships filled with more people. 

This game may bring a nice aesthetic and challenging gameplay. If you have faith in this old future vision, donate to the Kickstarter here.

Julian Matthew Martinez

Julian Matthew Martinez

News Reporter

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