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Kickstarter of Note: Under Stranger Stars

If you listened to our interview with Alex Borsboom, one of the pair of developers from Flat Parrot, then you're already aware of Under Stranger Stars. If not, then read on - heck, you should probably have a read anyway!

Billed as a fast-paced open world game with arcade combat and witty quest-based storytelling, it has entered Kickstarter today. Flat Parrot is asking for NZ$30,000 (just shy of £16,000), to bring the game to Windows, Xbox and maybe even Switch if they hit the right stretch goal.

As the captain of a spaceship you will fight pirates, smuggle exotic goods and raid mega freighters. You will explore a large, open world universe filled with unique locations and varied enemies which will challenge your combat skills. As you explore you'll uncover amusing stories and characters, like Admiral Nelson - a feared commander who, due to an unfortunate cloning accident, is currently 6 years old - or Mr. Boston, your mostly helpful copilot, confidant and toaster.

Pledges go from NZ$20 up to NZ$2,000, and offer everything from a copy of the game to exclusive ships and even being able to design things that will feature in the game! If you're unsure whether you want to help bring this project to fruition, then you can download a demo from the Kickstarter page - which you can find here.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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