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Killer Bundle Returns for Fanatical's BundleFestive Celebration!

Killer Bundle Returns for Fanatical's BundleFestive Celebration!

As we have now reached the holiday season, Fanatical is now celebrating the return of BundleFestive, a yearly occurrence (or about four times per year, if you count the BundleFests as well) wherein the team release a bundle per day over the course of a full week. Starting on the 4th of December and ending on the 8th of December, a minimum of a new bundle is set to release daily for both their gaming branch and their software/ebook one.

For their first day, Fanatical unveiled the Killer Bundle 28, a bundle type that returns with every BundleFest, bringing a slew of great titles that you can get with a single purchase. Unlike Tiered or Build Your Own bundles that the company releases, this classic bundle is a one-purchase-for-all type of deal! If you want to find out the price points and what games are included, you can find it below:

  • Price: 15 games for £15.49 / $15.99 / €17.49

And here are the games you could get!

This bundle includes a total of 15 titles for a total value of $325.85, or a -97.8% discount on every title you get! You also get about a game per dollar, which is a great deal when you're including titles like Prey and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, though the former is starting to become a recurring bundle participant.

Whether you have all of these games or looking for just a few, we highly recommend checking it out and not missing out! Killer Bundles don't take to make a return, and we're not expecting Fanatical to start with this one. If you want to get the bundle, we'd really appreciate it if you consider using our affiliate link, as it gives us a bit of money at no extra cost to you! And if this deal sounds too good to be true, then don't worry: you can check out their TrustPilot score to find thousands of satisfied users who took their time to leave a good review! It's one of the reasons we featured Fanatical as one of our favourite storefronts.

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