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Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Receives a Teaser Trailer Ahead of Closed Beta Launch

It's been quite a while since the latest release into the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise, and so, fans have eagerly been awaiting the release of a new game, trailer, or just about anything. Now, Square Enix obliges with a brand-new X account for everyone to follow, a new trailer on their official YouTube, and even a Beta test incoming! But first, let's start with the basics.

Announced on the 30th of October, KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link is an upcoming iOS and Android title that will bring the Kingdom Hearts franchise, featuring a new protagonist but the same music and graphics everyone has fallen in love with. The 1:30 minute trailer showcases some story elements and introduces us to various characters, alongside sharing a tiny bit of gameplay, which is always welcome with a teaser trailer.

The trailer describes the game as a GPS RPG, which seems to indicate that it will take a note from Pokemon GO's success and try to replicate it, though how exactly that will work still remains unseen as of the trailer. However, the action-based combat seems to show the protagonist using a slew of abilities and skills inspired by several Pixar and Disney characters.

KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Teaser Trailer 0 24 screenshot

These aren't the only exciting news that players will receive — notably, those living in the UK and Australia will be able to sign up for a Closed Beta Test. Starting from the 30th of October and until the 19th of November, you sign up with either iOS or Android, but the times aat which the 

  • iOS — 28th of November – 8th of December
  • Android — January 2024

There isn't more information about the upcoming Android closed beta, though more will be shared on the official X account when it is available. In the meantime, the requirements to start your application for said test are the following:

  • Residents of United Kingdom or Australia
  • Ages 18 or older
  • Users must accept and agree to the "Closed Beta Test Application Requirements", "Closed Beta Test Precautions", and the "Closed Beta Test Tester Agreement (KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link)" on the official website.

KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Teaser Trailer 1 25 screenshot

Around 3,000 participants will be picked from the UK and Australia total, so don't miss out on the opportunity to join! Sign up here, and stay tuned for more upcoming information about the game!

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