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Klei Entertainment Shares Don't Starve Together 2024 Roadmap and Upcoming Changes

Klei Entertainment Shares Don't Starve Together 2024 Roadmap and Upcoming Changes

One of my favourite things for developers to do is release a roadmap to their game because it makes it easy to find things to look forward to in the next year or so. Well, the Don't Starve Together community can check out what's coming to the game in 2024, too! That being said, however, keep in mind that plans change, so don't assume any of this is a guarantee.

Before we move on to what's coming, I'd like to touch on some of what happened throughout 2023 for those who might've missed it. As we all know, Don't Starve Together has been around for 13 years now, and it has received continued support through DLC, updates, and even crossovers. During 2023, for example, the developer tried to add more challenges for the existing players as well as more accessibility for newcomers! A good example of this are the additions of skill trees (for Wilson, Willow, Wigfrid, Woodie, Wolfgang and Wormwood) and the Scrapbook, which helps players learn more about the game and its mechanics.


In the post, Klei Entertainment mentions that they'll be adjusting their approach to the updates this year based on what they learned from 2023's changes. The main difference will be that there will be longer periods between updates to give the team time to add substantial and impactful gameplay tweaks! In total, there will be four major updates, each bringing quality-of-life changes, character updates, and new content! But the community won't be starving in between, as there will be lore shorts and new skins dropping, as well as communication about the upcoming changes and how things are going.

The last thing mentioned in the post is that they will continue to monitor how things are going and how they feel and that there will be changes made if needed. But their main goal remains the same — keep the game fresh for veterans and intuitive for new players! It seems this is a good time to revisit or jump into Don't Starve Together, and we wish Klei a great upcoming year!

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