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Konami ending partnership with UEFA

Konami ending partnership with UEFA

After 10 years, after the 2018 UEFA Champions League final in Kyiv, Konami will be ending its partnership with UEFA.

Featured across multiple football titles from Konami over the years, the partnership allowed Konami to have players from the UEFA to be featured in its Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series, the end of the partnership could also be the end of the PES. Which begs the question, what’s Konami thinking?

While isn’t confirmed as the end of PES, it wouldn’t be surprising knowing Konami’s track record. Nonetheless, the partnership isn’t ending over any dispute, it’s Konami’s idea of going in a new direction, as explained by Jonas Lygaard, senior director of brand & business development for Konami:

“This year, however, we will shift our focus into other areas. We will continue to explore alternative ways UEFA and Konami can continue to work together, as our relationship remains strong."

The cost of licensing could be the reasoning and with the sales of PES down and the market dominated by EA’s Fifa series, a new direction could be the right move. Let’s hope it doesn't lead to PES pachinko.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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TGK - 12:26am, 22nd April 2018

Big news! Interested to see how it goes from here

Rasher - 08:36pm, 22nd April 2018

While I can see Konami point, no point in paying out all the money if the cost of licensing is skyrocketing, but on the other hand, I would hate to just see one company doing a football game, Not like EA would try to take advantage of that... 

Let's hope they take it back or someone else picks it up.