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Last Oasis' Volcanic Update is Here

The latest Volcanic update for Donkey Crew's Early Access survival MMO, Last Oasis, is out now on Steam. Take a look at the launch trailer above to preview the new volcanic biome and the other additions to the game's world, weapons and wildlife offerings. 

Set in a world where the last remaining humans must live nomadic lifestyles atop wooden contraptions known as Walkers. In addition to facing the tough terrain and wildlife, players fight among each other as part of separate clans in melee and Walker-focused combat.


In addition to the new biome, this update also adds a new, defence-focused Walker type; furniture for players' Walkers; a new species of flying fauna known as Killin; and unique, powerful volcanic weapons made out of obsidian.

For a complete list of changes and additions in this update, check out the 1.3.1 changelog on Last Oasis' Steam store page.

The Volcanic update is out now for Last Oasis on Steam.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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