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League of Legends Plans to Rehaul Champion Mastery System

League of Legends Plans to Rehaul Champion Mastery System

Season 14 is now in full swing, which means that changes are still flowing in, and an obscene amount of people are still getting one-shot (we're pretty adept at League of Legends season changes by this point). Though, one thing that's not been mentioned very often is the changes coming to many systems that will impact outside of the Summoner's Rift and instead into more personal matters — your account.

In a /DEV blog post by Riot Revenancer, we get a look at what the Motivations team over at Riot Games is working on, and it's a new system that could possibly change the way many play the game — a rehaul of the entire Mastery System. This system has been around since the 25th of March 2015, and nearly nine years after its release, it'll be getting an overhaul that'll bring changes to the system.

Currently, the Champion Mastery system allows you to get up to level five by playing the champions loyally and reaching high master levels with them. From there, for every S- or more you get, you can unlock Mastery 6 tokens, of which you need two to get Mastery 6, and then you'll need an S or higher rank per round with that champion to unlock the three Mastery 7 tokens required for the final upgrade.

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This ranking-based system is getting removed in place instead of a system that'll allow you to scale your one-trick champions infinitely. The change will feature a change in how the Mastery Emote looks, and you'll now be able to unlock a unique Mastery Emote all the way up to level 10 per champion, after which point, you'll get a numerical value showing off every mastery you earned thenceforth.

The image in the /DEV blog shows a cap of what could be 9999, though that's all speculation at this point. What we know is that you'll be able to rank endlessly, and all of the points you've amassed since the V5.6 update that introduced the original Champion Mastery system will be transferred to this new one. This means that many one-tricks will see Mastery X (or higher!) already unlocked for their champion, and some of the champions you already have at seven might see a downgrade depending on the mastery points you have on them.

An official release date for this system hasn't been announced just yet, but we look forward to trying it out and learning more about the required values to get from 0–10 and what sort of changes will come with it! In the meantime, Season 14 is ready to be played with massive changes to the Summoner's Rift and itemization that you shouldn't miss out on!

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