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LEGO 2K Drive Just Got a Huge Price Drop.

LEGO 2K Drive Just Got a Huge Price Drop.

Earlier today, LEGO 2K Drive just got a huge price drop on Steam, going from £49.99 at release to a paltry £24.99. While it's not the lowest price it has ever been at £16.49, it still might be worth the price. This might be due to low player counts, as according to the game's SteamDB page, it's barely reaching 100 concurrent players the past few months.


LEGO 2K Drive is definitely worth a shot with this new price, providing players not only a nice and choatic racer, but also the ability to customise their vehicles using LEGO bricks and smash them to pieces. I'm definitely thinking about picking it up myself. So, yeah. New price, woo!

Dylan Pamintuan

Dylan Pamintuan

Staff Writer

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