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Major Elea Updates Improve Clarity, Flow and Appearance

The sci-fi adventure game Elea - Episode 1 received its sixth major update since hitting Steam Early Access in April. The update became available last Friday and is aimed at improving the overall gameplay experience for players.

The early access process has already resulted in hundreds of bug fixes over the past three months, and the complete version of the first episode of Elea is on track for a summer release.

“Since the Early Access launch we have received a lot of community feedback and we’re very happy that so many people wanted to pitch in and help," said SOEDESCO Community Manager Marten Buijsse. "The game has made great progress in these few months, but we’re not done yet! For the remainder of the Early Access period we will continue to update the game in accordance with player feedback, all the way until we have a perfect version 1.0.”

The primary goal with this most recent update was to improve the "clarity, flow, and appearance" of the game. One of the ways the devs accomplished this was by implementing a higher movement speed, as well as adding numerous hints and objectives  throughout the game, as well as a "how to play" help screen, to make the game's progress feel more intuitive. The game's FPS limit has also been improved, allowing players to play at up to 120 FPS for a smoother experience overall.

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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