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Maplestory 2 Will Be Closing Global Servers Soon

Maplestory 2 Will Be Closing Global Servers Soon

Less than two years after the release of MapleStory 2's global server release, the servers are going down (Including Japanese servers). Players won't be able to purchase any premium currency anymore, and refunds for previously purchases made between 11th December 2019 - 18th March 2020. All refunds will be in NX, Nexon games currency used by all their games. Steam users will need to go through Steam's channels.

Originally released in 2015 in South Korea and then 2017 in China. MapleStory 2 was different from its predecessor because it introduced a 3D isometric perspective, and later a battle royale mode. Players could max out levels quickly and didn't make the player pay-to-win.

MapleStory 2 will be closing global servers on the 27th May 2020. The game will continue service in Korea and China.

"We are very thankful for the support we’ve had since MapleStory 2 was announced. Our players are some of the most passionate and committed, and we have enjoyed the experience of creating this game with all of you. Thank you to everyone who stayed with us and took the time to share feedback and creativity. You made the overall experience so wonderful."- The MapleStory 2 Team



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