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Marvel's Avengers Creative Director Returns to Naughty Dog

Marvel's Avengers Creative Director Returns to Naughty Dog

Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t really found its footing since its launch in September 2020 and now the creative director, Shaun Escayg, has left to return home to Naughty Dog. Granted, this doesn’t necessarily mean the end for the game, personnel changes are not unheard of, but it certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in the game gaining any stability either.

Steam charts indicate more than an 80% drop in peak players since the game’s release. While March definitely shows a small spike in players, probably due to the road map being announced with, admittedly, a solid amount of content on the way, it is still a far cry from what was expected.

This move is coming off the back of a retweet from Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog CO-president, at the beginning of the year, telling Twitter that they are “working on something cool!”. Regardless of Marvel’s Avengers having its issues, Shaun Escayg seems to be happy with his decision to move back to another familiar setting.



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