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Meet Nan Yin In The New Tower Of Fantasy Simucalcrum Trailer!

Thanksgiving is soon upon us, and while we wait for that delicious turkey, why not play a bit of Tower of Fantasy while you're at it? It's a good time, as the Season of Golden Gratitude will soon hit with a brand new Simulacrum as the gravy on top!

Nan Yin, once the overseer of Yuheng in Marshville and the previous Lady Baihu, is the newest Simulacrum to be added to the roster. Previously a respected resident of Domain 9, she disappeared after venturing into the Black Jade Ruin. With her return, much has changed. Now ruthless, cold, and mysterious, this fearsome foe now controls the dead with her flute and is gifted with an uncanny, maybe even unworldly, intuition, making her one of the most feared beings in Domain 9.

The new simulacrum, Nan Yin, will join Tower of Fantasy on 21st November.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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