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Metal Gear Survive Disappoints in the UK Weekly Charts

Metal Gear Survive Disappoints in the UK Weekly Charts

Chart Track released the UK's weekly game sales this morning, showing Metal Gear Survive entering at just 6th place.

Only physical copies are logged by Chart Track, so it may be that it has proved a storm with the digital market. Or perhaps I'm just being far too optimistic for what was one of my favourite franchises.

At the time of writing, Steam tells me that it's currently 78th in the player count, with a peak today of 7, 334. Even Football Manager 2016 is higher, which has been replaced by two further editions.

If you missed it, a hidden message was located in the game, seemingly added in by a developer proclaiming "KJP FOREVER". 

Maybe Konami will see the current Fortnite and PUBG craze and commit to Metal Gear Royale. It'll be just about ready for when this fad has died down and most have already moved on to something bigger and better.

Metal Gear Online is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

James Martin

James Martin

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