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Middle-earth: Shadow of War new Warmonger Tribe Revealed

The release of Shadow of War is just over the horizon and we couldn’t be more excited. Warner Bros. are now taunting us with a new trailer almost every week and this time it's about the Warmonger Tribe.

This horde of spartan-like warriors prefer methods of siege and brutal war tactics to overcome their enemies. With heavy armour, blades and fire, they will pillage and burn in the name of the Brightlord.

Check out the previous trailer The Mystic Tribe for a spotlight on the dark and mystic Orcs that weave dark magic and conduct bloody rituals.

Shadow of War will be available on Xbox One X, Xbox One, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro begining 10th October 2017.

Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Social Manager

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NikholaiChan - 09:43am, 29th September 2017

They have shown off so much of this game that I hope there are still some surpises left for us.