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MMO shooter “Project Legion” to PC market

MMO shooter “Project Legion” to PC market

CCP announced at Fanfest that 5.2 million player "clones" have been killed in Dust 514 so far; for context, Battlefield 3 registered 1.5 billion kills during its limited beta in 2011 which was less than stellar uptake.

Despite this , they are bringing an MMO Shooter to PC called "Project Legion" that executive producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon has described as being a free-to-play skill-based competitive multiplayer shooter wirth an open-world sandbox element that involves fighting environmental threats and looting materials from those battles. This loot, will be tradeable in an in-game economy involving free-market trading between players that sounds very similar to strict economy that is a major driving force.

Gaudechon has told Eurogamer that Legion will be Unreal 4 based, and made by the same team as Dust 514 applying everything they have learned from making and supporting that game so we reckon it's going to be a doozy.

Christian D Wootton

Christian D Wootton

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