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Monster Crown Becomes an Instant Success on Steam Early Access

Studio Aurum's creature collecting turn-based RPG, Monster Crown, has sold more copies in its first 72 hours on Steam Early Access than in its entire month-long (and already well-received) Kickstarter campaign. The game's launch is a phenomenal success and the studio has begun to outline the direction it will take as development continues.

The retro-inspired world of Monster Crown draws comparisons to Pokémon, but Studio Aurum is taking its world in a distinctly darker, more impactful direction. Set on an island with a dirty history of tyrannical rulers fought by brave heroes, players take on the role of another in a long line of 'heroes' gearing up to thwart the next potential villain. Will they succeed? Will the hero fulfil their destiny? Or will they become the island's downfall?

Jason Walsh, founder of Studio Aurum, calls the game's positive reception a "dream come true". The studio outlines plans for significantly more story content to be added to the game as it progresses in Early Access. Right now, roughly one-third of the story and half of the map are included. As the game develops, these features (among others) will be greatly fleshed out.

Monster Crown is out now for Steam Early Access.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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